[UHQ] Chris Colfer filming Glee on November 7, 2013

If Chris doesn’t receive every award ever for ‘Being Alive’ (both the song and actually being alive ahahahaa) and for everything he has ever done pretty much, I will be very suprised

That song was the epitome of flawlessness okay

f l a w l e s s n e s s

You know what would be nice

If I could buy one of those nifty Land of Stories tote bags off of like, amazon or some shit

..can you?



I think that interview was prolly my favourite

His dramatic shots were the most adorable thing ever and everything was adorable an eeeeeeeeeeee

ummmm is that it

Didn’t that Mike person get a longer interview


So far the View hasn’t mentioned the fact that Chris’ book came out today

I swear they better talk about it and not this Glee stuff. 

I love how the guy announcing what’s coming up on the View didn’t even mention that his book came out today 


It’s not like it’s super important or anything